MIU experiences record fall enrollment

A record 796 new students representing 85 countries and territories enrolled at MIU this fall — a 24% increase over last August — lifting MIU’s total enrollment to 2,771 students, up 2% from last August.

The biggest growth is in online programs, with substantial gains at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. New online undergraduate enrollment increased 41%, with total online undergraduate enrollment increasing 22%. New online master’s enrollment increased 34%, with total online master’s up by 10%

Several academic departments saw significant enrollment growth among all their programs:

Six new academic programs added this fall

Six new programs have been added to the university’s repertoire, bringing in 61 new students among them. Two are online versions of programs that had been available on campus, the BA in Regenerative Organic Agriculture and the BA/BS individualized major.

And four are brand new programs:

“These new programs show our commitment to expansion by offering an increasingly wider range of educational opportunities for students both on campus and online,” said Rod Eason, vice president of enrollment and student affairs. “As we move forward now with an unprecedented number of applications from prospective new students, we feel well positioned for even greater levels of enrollment success.”

Thank you to Rod Eason for his contributions to this story.