More than 100 MIU grads attend all-school alumni reunion during 2,000 assembly

An eclectic, multigenerational mix of over 100 alumni gathered for an all-school reunion on Sunday, January 7, at the historic Henn Mansion in the heart of the MIU campus. 

Hosted by the MIU Alumni Office and coinciding with the 2,000 for World Peace Assembly, the reunion acknowledged the alumni who had traveled to Fairfield to be part of the large meditation course. 

But the event was open to all alumni, and the diverse group created a rich atmosphere of shared memories and connections, a testament to the enduring spirit of the MIU community. 

Above: Glenn Watt, Diana Miller Watt, Neil Murphy, Nancy Dudley, Mindy Levkovitz Tiberi, Patrick Gillam, Trish Costello, Steve Druker

The afternoon was filled with nostalgia as attendees engaged in animated conversations, reminiscing about their shared experiences at MIU.

The Henn Mansion parlor was decorated with yearbooks and old MIU memorabilia, including T-shirts, tote bags, stickers, course catalogs, the MIU Reflections book, and photos. 

The reunion also paid tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Taste of Utopia Assembly by featuring the original gift bag from the course and a large hand-painted sign from the flying hall.  

Refreshments included cherry, blueberry, pecan, and apple pies from the local Fairfield restaurant Thai Deli along with freshly popped popcorn and tea.  

Above: Mary Long and Mariam Daudi

Despite the winter chill, the weather cooperated, offering up a relatively temperate day without snow. Participants arrived early and lingered late into the afternoon, forging new connections and rekindling old friendships. 

The reunion at Henn Mansion celebrated the rich tapestry woven by MIU alumni over the years. As laughter echoed through the halls and old tales were shared, the gathering exemplified the enduring bond that transcends time — a testament to the unique and cherished community that is the MIU alumni family. 

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